Welcome to Ampersand: a local flower shop and design studio based in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Ampersand is inspired by the unfettered, the weirdos, and the easiness found in nature. 


The Shop

Welcome to Ampersand: we are an event design studio + a local flower shop based in the Mission District, San Francisco.

We opened the barn-and-mortar in August 2014 and the shop is a space for creativity, community, and everything floral. Most of our material is California grown and every design is custom made. Folks are also encouraged to get their hands dirty and choose blooms per stem at an affordable price point.

We have our hands and shears prepped for everything imaginable: from wrapped bouquets, vase arrangements, deliveries, walk-ins, weekly corporate accounts, cafes, restaurants, events, floral installations, photo shoots, and weddings.

The flagship shop operates primarily as a flower shop in the daytime, and sometimes shape-shifts as a venue for private or public events-- contact us if you have something in mind for an event!

The Gents

Ampersand is founded by lovers Benjamin Emerson who reside in the Duboce Triangle with their occasionally cruel, yet beloved cat, Ophelia and their newer, friendlier (therefore favored) kitten, Luna.

Their combined backgrounds + interests include Ohio, Southern California, vegetarianism, drag shows, nachos, all things gay, over-communicating, theatre, an ever ongoing love affair with New York City and-or Hawaii (depending on the day), witchy intuition, and creating spacial moods together.



Our Designers

The shop and flagship store is comprised by a tiny and talented team of designers:

Alec, Benjamin, Emerson, Emily, Jessica, Rachel, Will, & Zoë.

It's a pleasure to meet you.